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Scholarship Program for Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers

Purpose of the Program

The Purpose of the MPSVNfL Scholarship Program is to provide children between the ages of infancy to 5 years of age and that live in Moorpark or Simi Valley, access to child care.

What is the Scholarship Program?

The MPSVNfL Scholarship Program offers Full-Time and Part-Time partial scholarships to families who live in the Simi Valley and Moorpark area and have children between infancy and 5 years of age. Our goal is to help child care become accessible to families by offering a stipend that reduces the tuition rate a family would normally pay. Unfortunately families who are not residents of Simi Valley or Moorpark and who have a child older than 6 years of age do not qualify for this program.

How do I apply?

Scholarship applications are available through pickup or by phone request only. Applications may be picked up at either of our Simi Valley or Moorpark Family Resource Center locations or mailed by request. To ask for an application by mail you may call 805-552-1944.

What are the eligibility requirements for the Scholarship Program?

Parents must be a Moorpark OR Simi Valley resident. (If you work in the Moorpark or Simi Valley area, but do not live in Moorpark or Simi Valley, you are not eligible for this program.) Eligible children must be between the ages of 0-5 years of age. Parents must submit an application with the following information included:

  • Copies of 2 months pay stubs OR a letter from employer indicating annual gross income on letterhead.
  • Recent utility and/or other bill with current address clearly stated
  • Child’s Birth Certificate
  • Child’s Immunization Record
  • If you are applying for a child with Special or Alternative Needs, documentation is required (i.e. a doctor’s referral, IEP assesment)
  • Families with at least one stay-home parent or parent/guardians who work Part-Time will only qualify for Part-Time stipends.
  • To be eligible for a Full-Time stipend, all listed parent/guardians in the home must work Full-Time or attend school as a Full-Time student. Parents who attend school full-time must provide proof of their current class/unit load for the semester.

I filled out my application, what’s next?

Completed applications may be mailed back or dropped off to either FRC location. Incomplete applications will be mailed back, so be sure to check your application is complete before submitting it. Once an application has been dropped off, please allow 4-6 weeks for it to be processed. You will then receive a letter stating you are officially on our waiting list. Our program typically funds two times a year in August and January. Families should anticipate a minimum 6-12 month wait before receiving funding. Once awarded, families can anticipate receiving an Award Packet approximately two to four weeks prior of the date funding will begin. Children are awarded for a 12 month period only. Once a child receives 12 months worth of funding, they are no longer eligible for the Scholarship Program.


If you are interested in a current list of Participating Providers with our program, please contact me at (805) 520-6619 to request one.


Required Parent Participation in the

Scholarship Program

The Scholarship Program is proud to announce our new Parent Participation Program. This program is designed to introduce Scholarship families to the numerous resources, classes and events that are provided through our Family Resource Centers. All families who receive funding through the MPSVNfL Scholarship Program are required to participate in the Scholarship Parent Participation Program. Families should anticipate and plan to complete one hour of participation for each month that their child receives funding, not to exceed 12 months. Parent Participation packets are mailed every 2 month period to awarded families with a list of qualifying Parent & Me classes, workshops, events and volunteer opportunities. The required hours must be completed by a parent or guardian of the awarded child and submitted by the due date listed. Parent’s who do not participate in the program or complete the required hours will be dropped from the program immediately.